Alchemy has always been a mysterious art. Considered by science historians as the forfather of modern chemistry, its roots go back to the first times of mankind and are envolved in many myths and legends.

Frequently described as the art of transforming any common metal into gold, by using the mythical “philosopher´s stone”, alchemy is also an alchemist´s inner work towards spiritual perfection. 

The ideia of producing “Alquimia” has its origins in the author´s wish to gather her original songs, including some from Festival da Canção do Faial (Faial Song Festival) - Madeira, and some new ones. Sharing her love for music, pursuing growing quality is her will and path. 

This debut album is a cheer to life, and appeals to the deepest feelings of the human soul, a collection of themes in different styles with arrangements and production of Joaquim Pedro Jacobetty  


Album Release took place on 18th August 2006 , at Hotel Tivoli Ocean Park Funchal. If you are interested in buying this CD, please contact ARFreitas Produções call 00351963349474 ; e-mail: